Available Facilities in the building



Fully functioning kitchen located on the ground floor.



Relaxing Cafe space with Espresso machine on the ground floor.



Moderately sized lounge space with 3 sofas on the ground floor.



Large, open and bright space located at the rear of the building.

second lounge

First Floor Lounge

Small but cosy lounge with 2 sofas situated on the first floor.

multi purpose room

Multi-Purpose Room

A small room with optional tables and a white board on the first floor.

conference room

Conference Room

A medium sized room with open space, with optional tables and seating on the first floor.

counselling room

Counselling Room

A small, quiet room on the second floor perfect for private one-to-one meetings.

therapy room

Therapy Room

A small but cosy room with full massage facilities on the second floor.

Cool House WiFi


WiFi Internet access is available at the Cool House and is free to paying members.

For non-members the price for internet access varies depending on the amount of time you require but is still very cheap!

One time access vouchers can be purchased upon request from the main office or in the cafe, the prices are as follows:-

WiFi Price List

30 Minutes £0.30
1 Hour £0.50
2 Hours £1.00
24 Hours £5.00
Room Booking Rates (PDF)