Anger is something that everyone feels at times.

Anger can range from feeling slightly annoyed to outright rage and fury. We all deal with anger in different ways. Some people experience anger every day, others may only feel anger when pushed to their limit. It can be physically and emotionally damaging, impacting negatively on our personal circumstances.

Anger Management

We welcome personal enquiries and referrals for the next course and are offering appointments to see people for an initial assessment.

Cool Recovery currently does not receive funding for the Anger Management course. We therefore require referring agencies to fund their clients, where an individual is unable to pay for the course themselves.

To enquire about the Resolving Anger Training:-

Contact: Kate Smith or Rhona Webb

Email: | Tel: 01803 431991 |

Resolving Anger Brochure


Saturday 27th June 15:00 - 21:00

The Big Cool Thank You

Celebrating Cool Members achievements over 15 years.

For members, volunteers, friends, family and supporters with grat food, live music, kids stuff, Diary Room, Recovery Stories and friendship.

All Welcome!

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Cool Recovery Press Release

Local mental health charity Cool Recovery Limited will close at the end of June 2015 when it celebrates its achievements of 15 years of working with mental health service users, their carers, including young carers in South Devon and Torbay.

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Annual Review 2014

The final ever Cool Recovery Annual Review is now available for download.

Cool Recovery is currently being documented to show all the good work that the charity and all involved have done over the past 15 years.

Cool Recovery thanks everyone for their help, support and hard work.

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