About Cool Recovery

We are a dynamic, lively organisation, offering a unique, friendly and easily accessible resource for our community.

Widely known as COOL, Carers-One-to-One Link was founded in 1999 by a South Devon mother to improve communication and provide information to support families and friends affected by mental health issues. In 2005 the same benefactor purchased 17, Morgan Avenue in Torquay and a second worker was engaged as manager.

The charity became independent and was registered as Cool Recovery Limited. Members and friends helped refurbish and convert the former guest house into the thriving and attractive Cool House; a place of recovery for those who want to make changes in their lives.


We are an independent charity providing support, information, volunteering opportunities and a range of activities for family, friends and people recovering from or affected by mental health issues. It provides opportunities and space to make changes, to use and develop skills, pursue aspirations and recover a good quality of life.

Cool Recovery evolved in South Devon from a mental health carers network with one home-based worker in South Hams, to an all inclusive project now based in a large house in central Torquay.

We are now coming to our fifteenth year of development and in addition to the Cool House, we offer a range of regular groups & activities in Dartmouth, Kingsbridge, Teignmouth, South Brent and rural South Hams.

Being A Member

Cool Recovery Membership involves each person volunteering time, energy and skills in the working of the charity.

Members support one another and involve themselves in a variety of activities to promote recovery, mental and physical well-being and meaningful activity.

The Café and kitchen are staffed by members and volunteers, promoting healthy eating by serving tasty, nutritious, freshly cooked food which is locally sourced and reasonably priced.

Recovery is being part of the community, so we have developed good working relationships with local organisations and businesses by using their resources and services, helping raise awareness and reduce the stigma of mental illness.

Cool Recovery is independently funded and works successfully in partnership with statutory and community organisations. Operational funds are generated from the Café, room rental, and membership fees which are only £18 per annum.

Annual Reviews


2014 Annual Review

Annual Review for the year 2014

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2013 Annual Review

Annual Review for the year 2013

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2012 Annual Review

Annual Review for the year 2012

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